Furniture Assembly

  • All furniture must be assembled by Mr. Spa technicians. We are committed to ensuring that our products are installed and assembled correctly to guarantee your satisfaction and safety.
  • Mr. Spa will only assemble furniture that is part of a delivery order. We do not assemble furniture that is picked up by the customer.

Massage Chair Installation

  • All massage chairs require installation of the base (tubs).
  • Mr. Spa will only install massage chairs that are part of a delivery order. We do not install massage chairs that are picked up by the customer.

Nail Table Installation

  • Electrical outlets are not included for nail tables.
  • Customers are responsible for providing electrical outlets for nail tables.

Warranty Voiding

  • Your warranty will be voided if you modify any Mr. Spa product without our written consent and authorization.
  • This includes integrating additional components into our pedicure chairs.
  • We are not responsible for any issues, such as leakage or electrical malfunctions, that result from unauthorized modifications.

Installation Services

  • Installation services include the assembly of Mr. Spa furniture and pedicure chairs.
  • Installation appointments are scheduled at Mr. Spa’s discretion.
  • Installation costs are determined by Mr. Spa and are based on the furniture being installed.