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Introduction to Manicure Tables

In the glamorous world of nail art and pampering, the spotlight often shines on dazzling polishes, intricate designs, and skilled technicians. But behind the scenes, one unsung hero silently holds everything together: the manicure table.


v22s3 single nail table

More than just a piece of furniture, a well-chosen manicure table is the foundation of a nail technician's workspace. It's their command center, their canvas, and their haven of tools and creativity. It's where clients relax, trust is built, and nail magic happens.

Professionalism Personified

A sturdy, well-crafted manicure table instantly elevates the salon's ambiance. Imagine walking into a space with rickety, mismatched tables – not exactly the picture of confidence and expertise, right? On the other hand, a sleek, organized table with ample storage and clean lines speaks volumes about the salon's professionalism and dedication to providing a top-notch experience.

Efficiency is Key

A good manicure table isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it's designed for optimal workflow. Built-in compartments, drawers, and shelves keep tools and supplies within easy reach, minimizing wasted time and maximizing efficiency. Adjustable features like a retractable vent fan for dust control or a height-adjustable table top ensure comfort and proper posture for both the technician and the client.

Beyond Function, Form

Manicure tables come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing you to inject your personality and brand aesthetic into the space. From modern glass tops to classic wooden finishes, from minimalist designs to tables with built-in LED lighting, there's a perfect fit for every salon's vibe.

Types of Nail Tables

In the dazzling world of nail art and pampering, where glitter reigns supreme and polish bottles sing siren songs, there's one often-overlooked hero holding everything together: the manicure table. But hold on, this isn't just any piece of furniture. This workspace is where magic happens, where trust unfolds, and where confidence is painted, stroke by shimmering stroke.

Choosing the right manicure table, however, can feel like navigating a dizzying labyrinth of options. Fear not, fellow salon owners! This guide will be your compass, leading you through the diverse world of manicure tables and helping you find the perfect match for your space, your budget, and your nail art dreams.

Single Nail Table


V23 Single Nail Table

For the boutique salon or the home-based nail artist, the single-station table is a compact haven. Imagine sleek lines, ample storage for your essential tools, and a comfortable space for you and your client to bond over the latest nail trends.

Double Nail Table


V16 Double Nail Table

High-traffic salon? Bring on the double stations! These beauties allow you to maximize client flow, keeping everyone happy and nails getting polished at lightning speed. Think of built-in ventilation, adjustable heights for optimal comfort, and storage solutions galore.

Triple Nail Table


V22 Triple Nail Table

For the salon that's truly a nail empire, the triple station table is your power move. Picture three stations seamlessly integrated, allowing your talented team to work their magic simultaneously. It's a productivity powerhouse, a client magnet, and a testament to your salon's success.

Beyond Numbers

Foldable Manicure Tables

Not every salon boasts expansive square footage. But worry not, space-challenged friends! Foldable manicure tables are your knight in shining armor. These ingenious creations offer a sturdy work surface that magically transforms into a space-saving wonder when not in use. Perfect for pop-up events, home studios, or salons with a touch of space magic.

Luxury Manicure Table with LED lightning


V22S3 Single Nail Table

For the salon aiming for a luxurious vibe, think sleek glass surfaces, built-in LED lighting, and integrated dust extraction systems. These are manicure tables fit for royalty, transforming your space into an Instagram-worthy oasis where every detail screams sophistication.

Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of your manicure tables play a crucial role in shaping your salon's atmosphere and setting the tone for the entire experience.


Imagine stepping into your salon: sleek, metallic tables with built-in LED lighting catching the eye, polished chrome reflecting the latest nail colors, and soft pastel hues creating a calming oasis.

Every color and finish tells a story, evokes emotions, and sets the stage for the kind of experience you want to offer.

Modern Minimalism


V16AT Single Nail Table

For a chic, contemporary vibe, think clean lines, neutral tones, and glossy finishes. Glass tops add an air of sophistication, while white laminates create a bright and airy space.

Rustic Charm

Craving a cozy, inviting atmosphere? Embrace the warmth of natural wood tones and textured finishes. Think vintage-inspired benches or antique-style desks repurposed as manicure stations.

Glamorous Touches



Luxury is all about indulgence and attention to detail. Mirrored surfaces add a touch of Hollywood glamour, while plush velvet accents scream sophisticated comfort. Don't shy away from bold splashes of color or metallic accents to make a statement.

Remember, design isn't just about pretty pictures. It's about creating a cohesive flow throughout your salon. Match your table aesthetics to your overall decor, lighting, and even the colors of your polish bottles. Let every element tell a part of your brand story and create a unified, sensory experience for your clients.

Choose a design that speaks to your heart and reflects your salon's unique personality. Whether you crave a modern haven, a touch of vintage charm, or a sprinkle of Hollywood glamour, the perfect manicure table awaits. Embrace the possibilities, unleash your creativity, and transform your space into a nail art wonderland.

Materials and Durability



V16A Double Nail Table

Wood evokes a sense of timeless elegance and natural beauty. But beyond aesthetics, quality hardwoods like oak, maple, or walnut offer exceptional durability. Properly treated, they can resist scratches, spills, and the wear and tear of daily salon life. Plus, wood finishes can be customized to match your salon's unique vibe, from rustic charm to sleek contemporary.


For a modern edge, metal tables exude strength and sophistication. Stainless steel is a popular choice, known for its resilience against rust, scratches, and even the most stubborn nail polish stains. Don't underestimate the sleek allure of brushed aluminum or the glamorous shimmer of chrome – they'll add a touch of urban chic to your space.


Laminate might seem like the underdog but don't underestimate its practical prowess. High-quality laminates are surprisingly tough, impervious to water and chemicals, and resistant to scratches and wear. Plus, they come in a dizzying array of colors and finishes, allowing you to match your wildest decor dreams without breaking the bank.


For a light and airy feel, glass tops add a touch of elegance and visual interest. While not as indestructible as the other materials, tempered glass offers decent resilience and can be paired with other sturdy materials for a stable base. The transparency showcases your stylish storage solutions and creates a sense of openness in your salon.

Features and Functionality



V16B Single Nail Table

Let's face it, nail technicians are magicians, but even they can't pull endless tools from thin air. Spacious drawers become their treasure troves, storing everything from polish bottles and files to cotton pads and cuticle nippers. Adjustable shelves offer flexible organization, accommodating bulky lamps or delicate gels. Don't forget hidden compartments for essential but space-hungry items like nail drills or dust collectors.

Power Up


V16AT Single Nail Table

Efficiency is key in a busy salon. Imagine the frustration of scrambling for plugs or tripping over tangled cords. Built-in electrical outlets and USB ports keep your tools powered up and within easy reach. Some tables even boast integrated UV dryer slots, allowing clients to flash-dry their masterpieces without leaving their manicure thrones.



V20Cp Double Nail Table

Long hours spent hunched over clients can wreak havoc on technicians' backs and wrists. Look for tables with adjustable heights that adapt to individual needs and preferences. Ergonomic armrests offer additional support, while cushioning on the tabletop can prevent wrist fatigue. Remember, happy technicians mean happy clients and a thriving salon!

Dust Vacuum


V16B Double Nail Table

Let's be honest, nail dust is the glitter's less glamorous cousin. But fear not, dust-busting heroes are here to save the day! Built-in dust vacuums suck away those pesky particles before they can settle on precious polishes or irritate clients' eyes. Some even offer powerful ventilation systems that keep the air clear and comfortable.

Customization Options

Sure, traditional beige or black tables have their place. But imagine stepping into a salon where sleek glass tops reflect the latest polish collections or vibrant wood finishes echo your brand colors. Think metallic accents gleaming under LED lighting, or rustic reclaimed wood desks repurposed as vintage-inspired stations.


Triple Nail Table Custom With Black Patterns

The possibilities are endless! Paint it, stain it, add decals, or even commission a local artist to create a bespoke masterpiece.

Function Meets Flair


Nail Table Custom Furniture

Customization isn't just about aesthetics. It's about adapting your table to your specific workflow and needs. Craving built-in UV dryer slots for a lightning-fast gel nail experience? No problem! Need additional drawers and shelves to hoard your ever-growing Polish collection? Consider it done!

You can even incorporate adjustable feet for optimal height, ergonomic armrests for maximum comfort, or dust extraction systems for a pristine and allergy-free environment.

Personalize Your Haven

Think of your manicure table as an extension of your personality. Add inspirational quotes etched on the surface, adorn it with fairy lights for a touch of whimsy, or even mount a small TV screen for streaming tutorials or client entertainment.

Investing in a customized manicure table isn't just about aesthetics. It's about creating a workspace that inspires your team, elevates your client experience, and ultimately reflects the heart and soul of your salon. So, unleash your inner interior designer, embrace the possibilities, and transform your tables into masterpieces that shine as brightly as the nails you create upon them.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Type of TableStarting PriceDescription
Single Nail Table$445Compact and stylish, perfect for solo nail artists or cozy studios. Ample storage and comfortable workspace.
Double Nail Table
Maximize client flow and boost efficiency. Built-in storage, adjustable heights, and spacious surface for two technicians.
Triple Nail Table$1,605The ultimate productivity powerhouse for thriving salons. Seamlessly integrated stations for your dream team to shine.
  • Prices listed are starting prices and may vary depending on specific features and finishes.
  • Visit our website for the full selection of manicure tables and detailed product information.
  • We offer flexible financing options to help you make your dream table a reality.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect table for your salon.

Essential Maintenance Tips

This guide is your secret weapon for maintaining and caring for your manicure table, ensuring it survives countless nail battles and emerges victorious.


Spills happen, dust settles, and glitter finds its way everywhere. Here's how to keep your table squeaky clean:

  • Daily wipe-down: Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust, polish spills, and stray nail clippings. For tougher stains, a mild soapy solution is your friend. Remember to be gentle with delicate finishes.
  • Deep clean weekly: Give your table a more thorough treatment once a week. For wood surfaces, use a wood polish or beeswax to revive its natural beauty. Laminate and metal can be cleaned with a gentle all-purpose cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives!
  • Dust bunny banishment: Regular dusting is key! Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust from drawers, storage compartments, and ventilation systems.

Remember, prevention is key! Place protective mats under polished bottles and tools to minimize spills. Regular cleaning will not only maintain your table's pristine look but also prevent the buildup of dust and allergens, creating a healthier environment for you and your clients.

Polish Your Maintenance Skills


V20VK Double Nail Table

Beyond cleaning, here are some additional tips to keep your table in tip-top shape:

  • Tighten those screws: Over time, screws can loosen. Regularly check and tighten them to ensure stability and prevent wobbly disasters.
  • Oil those hinges: If your table has drawers or storage compartments with hinges, lubricate them occasionally to keep them moving smoothly.
  • Check the ventilation: Regularly clean dust filters and vents to keep air circulation optimal and prevent dust buildup within the table's framework.
  • Storing with love: When not in use, avoid storing heavy objects on your table to prevent pressure marks or warping.

The right tools make all the difference! Keep a microfiber cloth, gentle cleaner, and wood polish (if applicable) readily available for regular cleaning. Having a small screwdriver and lubricant on hand will also ensure you're equipped for any minor maintenance needs.

Where to purchase manicure tables?

Mr Spa - Your One-Stop Shop for Manicure Table Magic

Calling all nail warriors, glitter fiends, and polish pros! Are you ready to transform your salon into a haven of happy nails and impeccable service? Then step into the dazzling world of Mr. Spa, where the perfect manicure table awaits you!

Single Nail Table

Starting your nail empire or rocking a cozy studio vibe? Our single-station tables are your compact powerhouses, bursting with style and functionality. Imagine sleek lines, ample storage, and a comfy workspace for you and your client to bond over the latest nail trends. Check out the:

  • Sleek & Chic White: This modern marvel isn't just stunning in its original pristine white. 

V20VK Single Nail Table

  • Light Grey: Embrace a touch of cool sophistication with this sleek grey laminate finish, perfect for creating a calming and modern atmosphere.

V20CP Single Nail Table

  • Black: Make a bold statement with the timeless elegance of black. This dramatic finish will transform your salon into a space that exudes confidence and glamour.

V16B Single Nail Table

Double Nail Table

High-traffic salon? Bring on the double station tables! These productivity heroes come in a range of colors to match your style:

  • Modern Minimalism in Light Grey: This sleek grey laminate table exudes modern chic, blending seamlessly with any salon decor. Let your nails take center stage with this beauty!

V22MS Double Nail Table

  • Dark Grey: Add a touch of modern edge to your rustic charm with this sophisticated dark grey stain. It's the perfect blend of natural beauty and contemporary style.

V18S Double Nail Table

Triple Nail Table

Your salon is a nail art empire in the making, and you need a table to match! Our triple station tables are your dream come true, available in:

  • Light & Airy White: Keep the space feeling open and bright with this spacious triple-station table in crisp white laminate. Teamwork makes the dream work, and this table is proof!
  • Warm & Inviting Light Brown: Create a welcoming atmosphere with this light brown wood-crafted table, perfect for fostering connection and creativity. Click here to see your nail team thrive!

Remember, these are just a few options! We're always exploring new colors and styles to match your unique vision. Click here to explore the full spectrum of white and brown manicure tables on our website!

Beyond the Colors

But wait, there's more! Our tables go beyond aesthetics. They're built to last, and crafted from high-quality, acetone-resistant wood. Plus, they offer:

  • UV Light Holes and Ventilation: Keep your gel game strong with built-in UV light holes and ventilation systems, ensuring a seamless workflow.

V18S Single Nail Table

  • Optional Fans: Banish dust bunnies and keep your clients comfortable with optional fan additions.

V16 Single Nail Table

  • Easy Storage: Every model features ample storage spaces for all your tools and polishes, keeping your workspace organized and clutter-free.

V21 Single Nail Table

  • LED Light Tables: Illuminate your world with optional LED light tables, letting your nail art creations shine even brighter.
  • Customization is King: We get it – your salon is unique! That's why we offer custom options to tailor your table to your specific needs and dreams.

Triple Nail Table Custom

From single-station havens to triple-threat productivity hubs, Mr. Spa has the perfect manicure table to spark joy, fuel efficiency, and fit your budget. Explore our Nail Table Category on our website, discover the possibilities, and let us help you find the table that's pure nail art magic.

V22S3 Single Nail Table

Remember, Mr. Spa is more than just furniture – we're your partners in nail art magic. So, don't wait! Explore, connect, and create. Your ultimate manicure table awaits, ready to witness the birth of countless nail art masterpieces.

Visit the Nail Table category on our website now!

Mr. Spa – Where your nail art empire begins!

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